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This category lists all the mens shoes for sale on from the entire family of brands.  Pedors, Genext and Ciabattas.

Don't forget that we also have diabetic socks and inserts to sell to go along with these comfortable, orthopedic Pedors, Genext and Ciabattas shoes.

Pedors Shoes focuses on a strech orthopedic concept especially good for bunions, hallux valgus, corns, hammertoes, diabetes and arthritis.

Genext Performance footwear is a leather / sude line of shoes with removable inserts for custom orthotics and a water-rated slip-resistant sole.  They are great for work, sports and hiking.

Ciabattas sheepskin slippers are a high quality line of house and outdoor slippers that feature sude uppers and shepskin liners.

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