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What are good shoes for swollen feet? Edema? Lymphedema?

What are good shoes for swollen feet? Edema? Lymphedema?

Posted by John O'Hare on 22nd Jan 2017

What are good shoes for swollen feet?

The inspiration for these mini-blogs comes from a great little website called The concept is fairly simple in that your enter some keywords or a phrase and the website tells you what people are asking about on that topic.

Today being Sunday (my blog day) I typed in “Shoes Swollen Feet” as this encapsulates what we at Pedors are all about. We have been manufacturing shoes for conditions such as edema, lymphedema, lipedema and forefoot abnormalities for over twenty years.

The top two questions were:

What shoes are best for swollen feet?

Where to buy shoes for swollen feet?

What shoes are best for swollen feet?

The quick answer is ‘a pair that fits’. Too often we see people trying to fit their swollen feet into running shoes or house slippers. Not only is this painful for the wearer but it can also lead to trips and falls, rolling of the ankle, blisters, corns, hammertoes, bunions, ulcers…the list goes on. So to start, the shoe needs to have sufficient volume and width to accommodate the swollen foot.

In most cases the feet will swell more as the day progresses so it is essential that the shoes have adjustability. Laces don’t work too well because the temptation is to just leave the shoe alone rather than re-lace a few times a day. By far the better option is to use shoes with adjustable touch closure straps, most often referred to as Velcro straps.

Lastly, if the shoe itself stretches when your foot does, then you have a winner. We use a proprietary blend of EVA and Neoprene, called Pedoprene, in our Pedors uppers. Pedoprene is a multi-directional stretch material that also offers stability for those with swollen feet as well as stretch.

There is a balance needed to make sure that the material stretches just enough rather than being sloppy on the foot. After twenty years of refinements, the Pedors Classics and Classic MAX have this balance just right.

Where to buy shoes for swollen feet? is the obvious choice and not surprisingly the one we recommend! We offer free shipping and free return shipping so you can pick a style (or a few) and try them on in the comfort of your home. Should you need to exchange for a smaller or larger size, free return ship the item(s) and we will gladly exchange them free of charge and with free shipping too. Of course, should you just want to return for a full refund, we offer free return shipping for that too.

To view all the products we offer for swollen feet please click here.