Shoe Sizing & Fitting

Pedors Shoes Fit True To Size
Ordering your regular shoe size and width should result in a great fit.
If you are ordering the Mary Janes, we recommend ordering a full size smaller.

If Your Feet Swell Or You Are Unsure About Your Size, Please Use The Sizing Calculator Below (this will take about 4 minutes to complete)
As a thank you for using the calculator a 10% Discount checkout code will be displayed along with your size suggestion.

Step 1.  Sit & Trace
While in a seated position have someone trace around your feet on a piece of paper, making sure to keep the pen vertical while tracing.

Step 2. Measure Length & Width
From the tracings measure the longer of your two feet and the wider of your two feet and write down the measurement in millimeters.  If you can only measure in inches you can easily convert your decimal inches to millimeters by multiplying by 25.4 for example 6.5 inches x 25.4 = 165mm.

Step 3. Enter Your Length Measurement Below
Double click or double tap the green box below and enter your length measurement in mm and press enter on your keyboard or screen.

Step 4. Determine Your Width
Match the width measurement from your tracing to the closest width measurement in the box above.  If you are between two widths you should pick the wider width.  If you are just one or two mm higher than a width however, you may decide to not go up a width.

Step 5. Write down the 10% Discount Code
Don't forget to write down the 10% Coupon code (in red in the box above) to be entered during checkout!


That's it! All done! Thank you.


Here are some styles available based on width.

Shoes for Medium width (other colors are available)

Pedors Mary Jane     Pedors Classic

Shoes for Wide width (other colors are available)
 Pedors Clog     Pedors Mary Jane     Pedors Classic      Pedors Stretch Walker

Shoes for X-Wide (2E) Width (other colors are available)

Pedors Mary Jane     Pedors Classic     Pedors Stretch Walker     Pedors Classic Max


Shoes for XX-Wide (4E) Width

Pedors High Top     Pedors Stretch Walker     Pedors Classic Max

Shoes for XXX-Wide (6E) Width
Pedors Classic Max

Thanks for following the instructions, we really appreciate it!