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Shoes For Swollen Feet Edema and Lymphedema

Pedors Shoes For Swollen Feet Guide

A Five Minute Guide To Shoes For Swollen Feet, Edema, Lymphedema from Pedors

If you have swollen feet due to Edema or Lymphedema or any other reason, finding shoes that fit, or even shoes that you can get on, can be a source of frustration.

In this quick guide we will define and talk about the differences between Edema and Lymphedema and then discuss what to look for in shoes for swollen feet so that you can make a more informed decision on what are the best shoes for you. We'll also take a quick look at how to make sure you order the right size and width for your feet.

So, by the end of this guide you will know:

On we have specific categories for these foot conditions and for those that want to, you can jump straight to those categories using the links provided.

Edema Vs Lymphedema - A Quick Comparison

Edema is a term used to describe the swelling of a body part due to fluid accumulation in the body tissue which occurs when tiny blood vessels in your body (capillaries) leak fluid that builds up in the surrounding tissues. Although Edema can affect any part of the body is is most likely to be in the arms, hands, legs, ankles and feet and this is known as Peripheral Edema because it is evident on the periphery (the ends) of your body.

Lymphedema also refers to swelling in one arm or leg (or both at the same time) but the causes for this swelling are different from general Edema / Peripheral Edema. Lymphedema is most commonly caused when lymph vessels are damaged or lymph nodes are removed (as part of cancer treatment) which results in a blockage in the lymphatic system that prevents lymph fluid from draining properly which in turn leads to swelling.

Pedors Shoes Swollen Feet Chart

The Top 10 Things To Remember When Buying Shoes Online

Before we jump into looking at shoes for swollen feet, let's have a general recap of what to consider when buying shoes online. Choosing the right shoes for your foot condition will help you be more comfortable when you are walking. Here are some things to consider when purchasing a pair of shoes online.

1. When determining your shoe size, be sure to trace your feet and follow the instructions.

2. Don't go longer in length in search of more width. Find shoes with the right width for you.

3. Choose shoes made with a adjustable closures.

4. Consider the weight of the shoes. Heavy shoes means tired feet.

5. Your feet should feel comfortable with the shoes on, not forced in.

6. Don't concern yourself with how the shoes look, think about how they feel.

7. Shoes must fit properly even with an orthopedic insert installed.

8. Be sure to oder from websites that offer free return shipping and free exchange shipping.

9. If the shoes don't fit or feel comfortable, send them back for an exchange or refund.

10. Read the reviews from other people with your foot condition.  See if they resonate with you.

Top 5 Design Elements To Look For When Ordering Shoes For Swollen Feet

When looking for accommodative footwear for swollen feet the solution is to go wider and not longer. Often a wrong decision is taken is to go longer in size to get the additional width to accommodate the girth of the ‘edamatous’ or swollen foot, which can lead to tripping. Usually this is because most shoe stores don’t carry X-Wide width shoes, nevermind XX-Wide or even XXX-Wide shoes.  We like to keep in mind the GOALS acronymn when shopping for shoes for swollen feet: Girth, Opens Up, Adjustable, Lightweight, Soft.

1. First of all the shoe has to have enough volume or GIRTH to accommodate the swelling on the dorsum of the foot (the top of your foot).

2. Second, the shoe needs to be able to OPEN up so that the foot can be easily placed on the footbed. One closure is good, for really swollen feet, two closures is better.

3. The shoe closure needs to be ADJUSTABLE to accommodate any change in the volume of the foot over the course of the day, as generally, feet swell more as the day progresses.

4. The shoe should be LIGHTWEIGHT. A heavy shoe is less likely to be worn which may lead to spells of wearing nothing.  An unprotected foot is more likely to be traumatized.

5. The upper material should be SOFT and not restrictive. Ideally the material might offer some compression to help reduce swelling in the foot, or a stretch component.

Pedors GOALS Checklist For Shoes For Swollen Feet

Classic MAX Shoes Designed For Swollen Feet With Arrows

Buying The Right Shoe Size & Width - Pedors Sizing Guide

Our goal at Pedors is to provide our customers with the best footwear and orthopedic solutions to provide relief from painful feet, swelling, and other foot-related conditions that may be limiting their life. When you are measuring your feet for shoes, always remember that accurate measurement of the width of your feet is key.

Much of what will work for you will depend on how swollen your feet are. To determine your foot width (that helps to determine what shoes are suitable for you) please refer to our handy sizing guide. It takes just a few minutes to get your measurements and work out what is the best size and width for you.

Always remember that the best way to go when sizing for swollen feet is to go wider, not longer. For more tips on buying a pair of orthopedic shoes for edema, click on the link below. 

Pedors Complete Sizing Guide For Swollen Feet - Click Here

Pedors Sit Trace Measure Graphic For Foot Measuring

How About Pedors Shoes? Should I just order any pair of Pedors?

For over 20 years, Pedors has been known as the place to go for footwear solutions for those suffering with foot-related problems and conditions, including swelling, bunions, corns, hammertoes, arthritis, and diabetic foot pain, and more.

Pedors Shoes are designed for people with swollen feet, edema and other conditions that make walking uncomfortable and painful, and they may work well for you if you have swollen feet.  Our exclusive design features a stretchable material that stretches as your feet swell throughout the day. Pedors shoes provide comfort along with the support your feet need.

Pedors Shoes are designed to fit different sizes of feet and the accompanying degrees of swelling. The goal is to provide as close to a custom sized shoe as possible at an affordable price.  Our shoes are also available in many styles and colors, and in sizes ranging from B (medium) to 6E (XXX-wide).

Shoes Designed For Edema Vs Lymphedema

In the main, shoes that have been designed for edema may well work well for lymphedema and vice versa. The same design elements and features are identical.  It all depends on the width of the shoes that the wearer needs.  For example, our Classic shoes are available in widths up to X-Wide (2E).  That may be sufficiently wide for someone with edema, but perhaps not wide enough for someone with lymphedema.

Examples Of Shoes Available In An X-Wide (2E) Width

Some of thes shoes, like the Classic MAX above are also available in a XXX-Wide (6E) width, that would be more suitable for people with Lymphedema, rather than edema.  Again, it all depends on the width the wearer needs.

Examples of Shoes Available In An XXX-Wide (6E) Width


Well that about wraps it up for this page on shoes for swollen feet. You will hopefully now be in a better position to understand how to go about getting the right shoes for your foot condition by knowing:

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email us at or call 1-800-750-6729 if in the USA or +1 770 218 8282 if outside the USA.

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