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Richie Braces Restoring Mobility

We offer two Over-The-Counter (OTC) Richie Braces on - shown below. Both are manufactured using innovative material componentry and technology to ensure that these OTC braces meet the highest specifications possible.

The Richie Brace line is generally regarded as  the leading ankle foot orthoses brand and is designed by world renowned foot and ankle surgeon, Dr. Doug Richie. Many patients may require a custom made Richie Brace and it's always a good idea to review your options with your podiatrist to determine what is needed for your particular condition. However, for ankle support or for drop foot both of these over-the-counter braces have worked well for thousands of patients and work particularly well with the Pedors Stretch Walker which has plenty of width and depth to easily accommodate either brace. 

The OTC Ankle Brace is primarily designed to provide lateral ankle support for injured ankles through recovery or for weak ankles to help reduce the risk of future sprains. 
The OTC Dynamic Assist Brace provides the help to dorsiflex the drop foot to assist through the gait cycle utilizing two spring-like hinges. This over the counter solution for people coping with drop foot has worked well for the vast majority of patients. In some instances however, a patient may require a custom made dynamic assist brace dependent on the specific modifications that would need to be made. 
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