The Richie OTC Dynamic Assist Brace

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The Richie OTC Dynamic Assist Brace

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The Richie OTC Dynamic Assist Brace

An ankle foot orthosis designed to assist dorsiflexion for people with what is commonly called  "drop foot" or "foot drop". Dorsiflexion is the act of pulling the toes up toward the shinbone. Plantarflexion is the opposite or moving the toes away from the shinbone. The Richie Brace is not recommended for patients without plantarflexion function. 

The Richie Dynamic Assist Brace is a pre-fabricated ankle-foot-orthosis with two spring-like hinges, medial and lateral, to provide up to 15 degrees of dorsiflexion of the foot at the ankle joint during the swing phase of gait.

The Pedors Stretch Walker shoes, item 800, were designed to accommodate AFO's and the Dynamic Assist brace fits easily into the shoes.

Clinical Indications:

The Richie Dynamic Assist Brace is indicated for the stabilization of the foot and ankle in patients with weakness of the dorsiflexor and evertor muscles of the lower leg. This presentation may be the result of:

  • Post CVA (stroke)

  • Mild Muscular Dystrophy

  • Charcot Marie Tooth Disease

  • Post Spinal Cord Surgery

  • Diabetic Neuropathy


  • Pre-fabricated contoured orthotic footplate

  • Anatomic Ankle Axis Hinge Placement

  • Semi-rigid lower limb supports

  • Tamarack® flexural ankle joints


  • Dynamic dorsiflexion-assist

  • Control of varus/valgus alignment of the foot

  • Pure, unrestricted sagittal ankle Motion

  • Optimal shoe fit

Brace is indicated for patients with:

  • Partial or complete dropfoot

Brace CAN be used if patient has:

  • Adducto-varus foot deformity

  • Diabetic Charcot deformity without severe equinus 

  • Body weight over 200 pounds

Brace is NOT indicated for patients with:

  • Spasticity of plantar flexors or invertor muscle groups

  • Moderate to severe weakness of plantarflexors

  • Severe equinus (ankle dorsiflexion zero degrees or less)

  • Unstable knee

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