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Shoes For Arthritis


Arthritis literally means joint inflammation. Although joint inflammation is a symptom rather than a specific diagnosis, the term arthritis is often used to refer to any disorder that affects the joints, typically causing pain, redness, and inflammation.

Symptoms of foot and ankle arthritis often include tenderness when you touch the affected joint and pain when you move it.  It  can also cause swelling and varying degrees of discomfort when walking, or putting weight on it.

There are different types of arthritis, with the most common being osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Risk Factors for Arthritis


- Genetic: Some types of arthritis are hereditary, so you may be more prone to develop arthritis if a family member has it.

- Age: The risk increases and the symptoms worsen with age.

- Gender:  Women develop rheumatoid arthritis more than men,  while men tend to develop gout, another type of arthritis, more than women.

- Previous Joint Injury:  People who have injured a joint are more likely to eventually develop arthritis in that joint.

- Weight: Excess pounds puts stress on joints, especially on knees, hips and spine, and thus tend to have an increased risk of developing arthritis.

How To Find Shoes For Arthritis

Arthritis and Pedors Shoes


One way to relieve pain and swelling from arthritis is by wearing comfortable footwear from Pedors with arch support that can accommodate orthotics or inserts to provide precisely adjusted arch support and evenly distribute weight in the foot.  This will help reduce the pain and encourage greater mobility.

The Pedors 600 Classic for Arthritis:

We  incorporate Pedoprene™, an incredible material that stretches as your feet swell or need extra room for comfort. For most arthritic patients, the stretch component of our shoes is enough to provide relief from pain caused by an ill fitting shoe. Our products, including our orthotic and comfort inserts, are ideal for those suffering from arthritis, diabetic foot pain, and other foot related conditions.

Functional Footwear

Pedors shoes are a great option for those with swollen feet, sore feet, or any other foot condition that causes pain and limits mobility.  We  incorporate Pedoprene™, an incredible material that stretches as your feet swell. 

Our products are available in many styles and colors, and in width ranging from B (medium) to 6E (XXX-wide).

Measuring For Shoes Correctly

Our goal at Pedors is to provide our customers with the best footwear and orthopedic solutions to provide relief from painful feet, swelling, and other foot-related  conditions that may be limiting their life. 

When measuring for your shoes, always remember it is very important to  accurately measure the width of your feet.

Orthopedic Shoes for Swollen Feet

Pedors shoes incorporate Pedoprene™,  a material that stretches as your feet swell.  We have several options, styles, and colors, with shoe widths ranging from B (medium) to 6E (XXX-wide).  


Pedors Shoes and Orthotics for Foot Problems

Pedors specializes in shoes for those suffering with arthritis, swollen feet, sore feet, corns, bunions, hammertoes, overlapping toes, diabetic foot pain, and other foot related conditions. 

We also provide high-quality inserts, Insoles and orthotics for those needing arch support, and those with plantar fasciitis, heel pain, ball of foot pain, alignment, and stability.

Pedors is A Trusted Brand of Orthopedic Shoes

For over 20 years, Pedors has been known as the place to go for footwear solutions for those suffering with foot-related problems and conditions, including swelling, bunions, corns, hammertoes, diabetic and arthritic foot pain, and more. 

Our proprietary upper material that we use in our shoes, Pedoprene™, allows the shoe to stretch and mold to accommodate swollen feet, while providing compression, support, and comfort. 

If you want to learn more about our comfortable and stretchy orthopedic footwear, click here:  Pedors Shoes

Shoes for Painful, Swollen feet?

One of the common questions that we are often asked is…what is the best type of shoe for painful and swollen feet? Typically, feet tend to swell more as the day progresses so it is essential that the shoes have adjustability.  Laces can be adjusted, however most people don’t want the hassle of tying and re-trying shoes several times a day. By far the easiest option is to purchase shoes with adjustable touch closure straps, typically referred to as "Velcro Straps".

Best Shoes for Arthritis

Pedors Classic Slides slide-on shoes, one of our best sellers, offer the ease of inserting your feet into the shoes- no bending over to tie or snap them close! These comfortable, stretchy shoes offer relief for those suffering with painful foot conditions, including corns, bunions, hammertoes, overlapping toes, diabetes, arthritis, and more. 


Our shoes are also available in many styles and colors, and in width ranging from B (medium) to 6E (XXX-wide).