Pedors Affiliate Program


Pedors Affiliate Program - Spread The Word & Earn

Hi there,
We have teamed up with to offer a simple program that allows us to give back to people who love rave about Pedors Shoes!

If you would like to start referring people to and earn money for doing so sign up below.

You can sign up as an individual or a company.  If a company, please provide the company name.  If you are an individual, leave that sign-up field blank.

Once you register we will validate your Pedors Affiliate Account and send you a unique code for you to distribute to whomever you may think will benefit from Pedors shoes. The sky is the limit. Friends, family, customers, your email address book, on your blog, website or wherever.

The 15/15 Deal
Whenever your unique code is used at checkout on by someone you have referred
they will get a 15% discount on their entire order.

In addition, 15% of their total dollars spent will be added to your Affiliate Balance. Once your balance hits $100 we pay you.  It is that simple!