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Stephen O'Hare, President of Pedors Shoes

By Stephen O'Hare, President and Co-Founder, Pedors Shoes

For over 25 years Pedors Shoes has designed and manufactured shoes for problem feet. Our goal is to get our customers back on their feet again with affordable, quality footwear that addresses their specific needs. We’re here to help. Your footwear problems are our challenges.

Lymphedema Shoes: Which Widths Work Best For Men? 

The shoe has to be wide enough to accommodate all of the swelling in the foot, easy to put on and take off and easy to adjust over the course of the day and help keep the swelling down to a minimum.

Lymphedema Pro Tip for Men: Put your shoes on first thing in the morning when you get out of bed. This will allow the shoe to work therapeutically as the swelling occurs over the course of the day by giving some compression. 

Q&A On Men’s Lymphedema Shoes

Q1: What’s the biggest shoe you have? My feet are really big.

We go all the way up to a Men’s size 17 in a 10E width. So we probably have you covered.

Q2: I can’t reach my feet to tie my laces, do you have shoes with a touch- closures?

Our shoes with touch-closures are the most popular for men with lymphedema. 

Q3: The last pair of shoes I got the straps weren’t long enough.

Yes, all of our shoes designed for lymphedema have elongated straps that can be adjusted for comfort over the course of the day.

Q4: What’s the widest width you have? Extra-Wide is not wide enough.

For lymphedema shoes for men we have XXXW width or 6E width shoes and XXXXXW or 10E width shoes. The wider the shoe, the more volume in it. 

Q5: I need a shoe to go to work in. Are these mens lymphedema shoes good for work? 

It depends on the type of work you do. Pedors shoes are not designed as “work boots” and do not have a protective steel toe cap for construction type of work for example. If you work in an office, a retail type of environment or a school for example they should be fine. Customers have told us that the Classic MAX is a good “driving” shoe.

Q6:  I need an indoor shoe I can slide in and out of, do you have that?

Yes, the Pedors Slide, the SL 600, is designed for around the house. Easy to slide into in the middle of the night and easy to kick off if you are putting your feet up on the couch for the evening.

Q7: The bottom of my feet get really sore. What do you recommend for that?

Our award winning 3P Inserts mold to the bottom of your feet to evenly distribute the weight bearing. This helps reduce the pressure points that cause callussing and discomfort. The 3P inserts are sized perfectly for your lymphedema shoes. Just take out the standard insole and replace with the 3P insert.

Q8: How long will these shoes last?

As most likely your Pedors Lymphedema Shoes For Men will be worn all day every day, they will have to endure heavy use but they should last about 6 months. Most people get longer wear out of them, a few- not so long. A number of factors come into play here especially if you pronate or supinate (ankle rolls to the inside or outside).  There’s a trade off with the weight of a shoe and the durability. Heavier components will make a shoe last longer but also make it heavier and less practical and often less comfortable and by extension less likely to be worn. 

Q9: Where can I go to get fitted for lymphedema shoes? is a directory of foot healthcare professionals who are familiar with the challenges of fitting patients with lymphedema and, by appointment, can size and special order  from the shoe manufacturers that make shoes for lymphedema that they work with. 

Q10: If they don’t fit, can I send them back?

Yes, please try your shoes on in the house when they arrive and if they don’t fit either complete the return request tab on the website or call customer support on 800 750 6729.

Questions For Pedors?

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Recommendations For Pedors Men's Shoes For Lymphedema

The severity of the lymphedema dictates how wide the shoe needs to be. If the lymphedema is relatively mild and under control then a 4E width should be sufficient. Most people with lymphedema usually require the 6E width. For people with very severe lymphedema or if compression wraps or bandages are being worn iside the shoe a 10E will be needed.

We Fit By Width™ - please make a selection below that closely resembles your larger foot and you will be take to a Women's Shoes For Edema page that will display shoes available in your width.

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