Care Instructions

Care Instructions For Pedors Classic Series

Instructions for:

Black Classic 600
Beige Classic 601

Brown Classic 605
Classic MAX MX600

To clean the Classics you can place them inside the wash bag that came with the shoes (or an old pillow case) and put them in the washing machine on a gentle cycle, low temperature.
Then let them air dry for about 24 hours (somewhere warm).  Do not put them in a dryer as this may damage the glue in the shoes.
For smaller cleaning, simply wipe down with a damp cloth and some soapy water.
Here is Gigi with a quick explanation.

 Video Transcript

Hey, it’s Gigi O’Hare and I want to welcome you guys to video channel where we are going to be answering some Frequently Asked Questions (or FAQs).

One question we get a lot is:

How do I clean my Pedors and are my Pedors machine washable?

Let’s talk about cleaning first as this a quicker solution to the problem.  The best way to clean the shoe if you get a dirt mark or a scuff on it is to get a damp cloth with a little soap on it and just rub it.  The dirt mark or scuff mark should easily rub off the front of the shoe where the nylon is at or the canvas in the back of the shoe.

Machine Washability

If you feel like your shoes could use a good wash then good for you, they are machine washable.   All you have to do is put them in a machine washable bag that comes with your shoe box, now if you can’t find it, that’s OK, and old pillow-case will do.   All you have to do is stick your shoes in there and throw them into the washing machine.

When you put them into the washing machine make sure it is on a gentle cycle and a low temperature.   Also when you dry them, do not tumble dry them (the glue may break apart and shoe may fall apart).  So what you want to do is air dry them, it usually takes about 24 hours.

Unless you have a spare pair of Pedors plan your washing day on a day when you are not going to wear your Pedors.

I’m Gigi and I’m with video channel answering your FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).