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HHS Agencies and Offices Program and Pedors Shoes

The HHSGOV Program On

The HHSGOV program was developed by Pedors Shoes to simplify the procurement process for The Health and Human Services Family of Agencies by ordering product directly from the manufacturer.

The Program  

The program is designed to make it easy for HHS healthcare professionals to order Pedors orthopedic and therapeutic footwear that their patients need and to eliminate concerns about sizing and fit, as all shipping expense is included in the purchase price. There are no minimum order requirements and product can be ordered as needed on a patient by patient basis.


In most cases, the size the patient has "normally" worn in the past is the right size to order. 

If there is uncertainty about ordering the correct size, then take a tracing of the foot and then use our online sizing guide / converter or call into 800 750 6729 for sizing assistance.


Exchanges are easy. To initiate a return or an exchange, simply call us toll free on  800 750 6729 and we will send a pre-paid UPS return label.


All orders are prepaid. At check out select either by Pay by Credit Card as the order is placed, or, by Pay by Check, which should then be mailed in with the sales order receipt generated at check out.  If you need a copy of our W-9 please email

The Deal

Please call into the main office on 770 218 8282 for eligibility verification for your facility. The discount code can only be used by the HHS family of Agencies and Offices.

Fed ID

Pedors Shoes are registered with the federal government’s System for Award Management (SAM) as O’Hare Marketing International Corp. 

FED ID 58 232 9560

Duns Registration # 946776697