Pedors Detailed Sizing Guide

Please Note: It is not uncommon for your Pedors Size to be quite a bit different from the size that may have been worn most recently. This is particularly true for people with swollen feet where longer shoes may have been fitted to gain extra volume (which can lead to tripping). Pedors shoes are available in widths up to XXX-Wide to accommodate the extra girth needed for a swollen foot and as such don't need to be ordered longer than is measured.

If there is an inconsistency from what your size used to be before the swelling came along, use that size and go up half a size to allow for extra swelling in the toe box. If you feel you need to go up even more than that, it is ok to go up to the next full size up but no more than that.
Need additional help? Call a Customer Support Sizing Specialist on 800 750 6729 and leave your name and number and the message "sizing assistance" to request call back. Calls are usually returned within 24 hours except weekends when calls are returned on Monday. This is a free, no obligation, service.

Sit Trace Measure Graphic On

Step 1. Stand (Or Sit)

Ideally the person being measured should be in a standing position, but seated is OK.

Place their stockinged feet on a piece of paper. (For bandaged or compression wrapped feet, trace the foot with the bandages/wraps on).

Step 2. Trace

Trace around the feet, making sure to keep the pen vertical so the tracing is as accurate as possible.

Step 3. Measure

From the tracings measure the longer of the two feet and make a note of it.

Then measure the wider of the two feet (at the ball of the foot where it is widest) and make a note of that too.

Foot Measuring Graphic Pedors

Finding Your Size

Find your foot length in inches and look across to see what size that corresponds to.

The first column is for women's sizes and the second column for men's sizes.

Pedors Easy Read Sizing Chart

Finding Your Width

Locate your size on the left and then move your finger to the right until you find the width that is the same or slightly wider than your width measurement.

Pedors Size and Width Chart

Personal Sizing Service

If you are still unsure, we offer a personal sizing service. Send your tracings and measurements to Pedors and we will let you know what size and width to order.  Send to: Pedors Shoes, 3595 Canton Road, Suite 312-316, Marietta, GA 30066.

Double Checking The Girth (Optional) (best viewed on a desktop computer)

Find your size on the left hand side of the chart and then find the range that would best suit your girth. If your foot is quite swollen, you may find that the suggested width here is wider than when you followed the above instructions.

When ordering, if you are in any doubt, always go with a wider width, rather than a more narrow one.

If you would like to make sure the girth of the foot is going to be accommodated also, measure as below and make a note of it (if your feet are not extremely swollen, you can skip this step).

Girth Instep Measurement Graphic

If possible measure the feet when the swelling is greatest which is usually late afternoon or early evening. With a flexible tape measure around the arch of the foot.  If you don't have a flexible tape, use a piece of string or similar and then measure that.


Pedors Girth Ranges Shoes