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Welcome to the Women's Shoes For Swollen Feet category on Pedors.com

Here you will find all of the styles we offer in this main women's category.  We do specialize further by specifically recommending which shoes can be worn for Edema and Lymphedema or you can also go directly to the shoes in this section if you prefer.

Determining Your Width and Size

Most people know their shoe size and often just need to make sure they are purchasing the right width.  If that sounds like you, please use the handy chart on this page to approximate your width.  If you want to really drill down into the numbers and see what we recommend for your size and width you can check on our sizing page here.

How To Determine Which Shoes To Look At

Everything on this page hinges on your width.  If you are viewing on a computer screen you will see that you can refine this page by selecting your width on the left-hand side of the screen opposite the shoes and the page will refresh with just the shoes that are suitable for your width.

Those on mobile can scroll down and after this text will see the “Sort By” function there.

Questions For Pedors

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email support@pedors.com or call 1-800-750-6729.

For a more in-depth look at the design aspects of Pedors® Shoes For Swollen Feet and for a more comprehensive review of the topic please visit Shoes For Swollen Feet Guide Here.

Pedors Width Checker Chart

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14 of 14 Items