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What is the difference between a diabetic insole and a diabetic insert?

Nothing.  The two terms are interchangeable.  At Pedors we offer two types of Diabetic Insoles:

  • The Pedors 3P Insoles below are for regular shoes and depth shoes while the thinner 2P Insoles are for dress shoes (shoes with limited interior space) or narrower shoes.
  • Both insoles work really well for diabetes by molding to the shape of the wearers foot, spreading pressure evenly on the plantar surface of the foot and reducing hot spots.

  • Also they are supremely comfortable for anyone looking for foot cushioning comfort. Everyone at Pedors wears them in all their shoes!!

Be sure to read the reviews! Plenty of success stories with our 3P Dibaetic Insoles!

For More Information On Diabetic Insoles View Our Guide Here

4 of 4 Items
4 of 4 Items

Conclusion on Pedors Diabetic Insoles Section

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