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Pedors is known for specializing in providing orthopedic footwear solutions for people where conventional footwear just won’t work. The Genext line is an extension of the Pedors brand for people that need orthopedically designed comfort shoes for everyday situations. 

If you work on your feet all day you need to look after your feet. GENEXT Performance Footwear are designed to provide a custom fit for each person that wears them. All GENEXT shoes come with 5/16ths of additional removable depth with each shoe. This allows someone with leg length difference (LLD) the ability to make an adjustment of up to 10/16ths of an inch difference just by removing on one side and adding to the other side the spacers that come with each shoe. No modifications are required. LLD is often the cause of lower back pain. By aligning your pelvis you will reduce the risk of lower back pain.

Genext shoes can also deep enough to accommodate orthotics like our Beats Orthotic System. If you suffer from ball of foot pain metatarsalgia  or heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis then Beats worn in your Genext shoes will get you through your shift in comfort. 

Genext Perofrmance Footwear and a pair of Beats orthotics are the best over the counter  products avaialbe for foot comfort for people  who work on their feet for a living. 

Genext footwear use premium full grain and tumbled leather for durability, comfort, feel and fit. We use only the best materials to make a top quality orthoepdically designed product, so they are not cheap, but they will last and they are guaranteed to work. 

ASTM and SATRA rated slip resistant footwear.

Before buying any slip resistant shoe look to see if there is any information in the marketing material on either a ASTM rating or a SATRA test. If the manufacturer doesn't state the results it generally means they don't have the rating, or they got a weak result. The materials  required to get a strong rating are expensive. You will very rarely ( if ever)  find a good outsole on a cheap shoe. A good outsole is one of the most expensive components in a shoe.  Cheap shoes = cheap outsole.  Cheap outsole will cost you way more in the long run. 

The Genext Performance rubber outsole exceeded the slip resistance requirements for both the ASTM F 1677-2005 and the SATRA TM144-2007 quarry tile standard for both wet and dry conditions. Industries that frequently encounter hazards where a slip resistant shoe is necessary include food service/ restaurants/fast food, manufacturing, health care, construction, automotive, theme parks and hotels/ hospitality. A good slip resistant shoe will save thousands of dollars in slip and injury compensation and medical costs. 

Extra Depth -  9/16ths  of an inch in total adjustable depth.

The Genext Performance Footwear line is designed with additional extra depth.  A combined total of 9/16ths of an inch allows for a truly custom depth fit.  A combination of a high quality Genext insole with 4/16ths of cushioning, along with two other removable spacers, one at 3/16ths and one at 2/16ths.  This ensures that each pair of Genext shoes can be custom fitted for the foot’s volume measurement.  The extra depth also allows plenty of room for people that may need additional support from an orthotic device or ankle brace.

The Genext Slip Resistant rubber outsole combined with the orthopedic design of the upper provides the solution for people who suffer from working on their feet all day. The depth orthopedic upper built on a wide stable last to ensure added balance and control combined with the slip resistant outsole, minimizes the risk of slips and falls considerably.

As with all Pedors products, Genext Performance Footwear comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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