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Shoes For Hammer Toes - A Guide

By John O'Hare, Co-Founder, Pedors Shoes

Shoes For Hammer Toes - A (Very) Quick Guide from Pedors Shoes

Hammertoes - A Refresher

As you most likely know, (as you are reading this page), hammer toes bend up at the middle joint of the toe and over time can become quite rigid. There are other similar toe problems such claw toes, mallet toes, overlapping toes, floating toes and so on, all of which bend the toes up in one form or another.

Bunions form when some of the bones in the big toe and the front of your foot move out place and the foot pushes outwards at side of the foot at the big toe. The medical term for this is Hallux Valgus.

All of these conditions can be annoying and often painful.

If you are suffering with one or a combination of these conditions, you will need shoes designed to accommodate these foot issues.

Hammertoes | Pedors

Hammertoes are abnormalities of the foot caused by an imbalance in the muscles, tendons, and ligaments that typically keep the toe straight. Foot structure, ...
Hammertoes | Pedors

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What features do the best shoes for hammer toes tend to have?

Features to look out for are:

  • The uppers need to be very forgiving or stretchy, to make way for the hammertoes.

  • The shoes also need to be available in extra-wide widths to ensure there is enough room if there is also swelling present or even a bunion.

  • The uppers need to be deep at the toe box to give the hammer toe enough room.

  • It is preferable if the uppers are heat-moldable so that you can mold the shoes over particularly troublesome spots if needed.

  • For ease of getting on and off, touch closures, rather than laces are preferred.  Typically this allows for the feet to be placed into the shoes rather than forced in.

  • Light-weight shoes are often preferred over heavier shoes.  With heavier shoes more force is needed to move your feet which can aggravate the hammer toes or bunions and lead to corns.

  • Smooth, soft interiors are also encouraged to reduce rubbing and abrading inside the shoes.

Pedors Features and Benefits of Hammer Toe Shoes

What if I have swollen feet as well as hammer toes?

If you have very swollen feet, edema or lymphedema you will need to be on the lookout for shoes with all of the above features, but also that are available in XX-Wide (4E) or XXX-Wide (6E) widths, such as these shoes below. Read our shoes for swollen feet guide here.

I wear a brace, do Pedors Shoes have enough room for that too?

Yes. Some Pedors styles are ideal for braces. The preferred Pedors style for people with braces is the Pedors Stretch Walker. That style is available in four widths, from a wide all the way up to a XXX-Wide (6E) and even has a stretch panel on the top for hammertoe relief.

Conclusion of the Pedors Guide on Shoes For Hammer Toes

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