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Ankle braces are designed to perform a variety of functions dependent on what condition is being presented. 

For some people, when fitted correctly, an ankle brace or an ankle foot orthosis can reduce the risk of fall by providing additional ankle stability, reduce postural sway and improve proprioception.

Where biomechanical assistance is required, a prefabricated ankle foot orthosis, often referred to as an AFO, can help weakened quadriceps muscles to assist toe-off, and help maximize ankle control and tibia stabilization. This type of device is often fitted to assist ambulation for patients with mild to moderate neurological deficit resulting in drop foot.  Prefab AFO’s can also help improve balance, posture and functional alignment.

Ankle stabilizing orthosis, often referred to as an ASO, are fitted following an ankle injury where the ankle may have been twisted or ligaments may have been torn. The brace can help reduce swelling, also known as edema, apply some compression and help prevent inversion and eversion from re-occurring.

Some ankle braces are specifically designed for posterior tibial tendon dysfunction known as PTTD - the early signs of symptoms of adult acquired flat foot.

Other ankle support systems are designed to provide Achilles tendon relief, Achilles tendonitis, heel pain and plantar fasciitis.

Custom AFO’s are often fitted to help reduce the risk of fall by reducing postural sway and improving proprioception. Similar in size to prefabricated AFO’s, custom molded AFO’s also need footwear to accommodate the brace which in turn enhances use and by extension reduces the risk of fall.

Shoes for Ankle Braces

AFO’s and ASO’s require footwear that are both wide enough and deep enough to accommodate the bracing on the foot. The Pedors Stretch Walker and 600 Max lines are available in 2E, 4E, and 6E, widths (wide, extra wide, and extra, extra wide widths) that have been specifically designed to provide enough room in the shoe for most AFO’s, ASO’s and bracing devices.