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Pedors Orthotics For Pes Planus Flat Feet / Fallen Arches

  • The Genext Active "Beats" below are for regular shoes while the thinner Low Profile Orthotics are for dress shoes (shoes with limited interior space).

  • Both orthotics work really well for Pes Planus Fallen Arches, but only the Genext Active have the option of adding a "posted heel" which can aid in supporting the arch.

  • If you have metatarsalgia (ball-of-foot-pain) you will want to check the "Met Pad" option, available on both orthotics.

Be sure to read the reviews! Plenty of success stories in resolving fallen arch issues!

2 of 2 Items
2 of 2 Items

Conclusion on the Pedors Orthotics For Pes Planus Fallen Arches

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