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Shoes For Swollen Feet Women - A Guide

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Stephen O'Hare, President of Pedors Shoes

By Stephen O'Hare, President and Co-Founder, Pedors Shoes

For over 25 years Pedors Shoes has designed and manufactured shoes for problem feet. Our goal is to get our customers back on their feet again with affordable, quality footwear that addresses their specific needs. We’re here to help. Your footwear problems are our challenges.

Top 5 Design Elements To Look For In Shoes For Swollen Feet For Women

Let's jump right in, with both feet. The solution is to go wider and not longer in the search for shoes that fit. Often a wrong decision is taken is to go longer in size to get the additional width to accommodate the girth of the swollen foot, which can lead to tripping. Usually this is because most shoe stores don’t carry X-Wide width shoes, nevermind XX-Wide or even XXX-Wide shoes. Fortunately at Pedors we have Six Widths to choose from!

Pedors GOALS Checklist For Shoes For Swollen Feet

Pedors GOALS Checklist For Swollen Feet Shoes

  • First of all the shoe has to have enough volume or GIRTH to accommodate the swelling on the dorsum of the foot (the top of your foot).
  • Second, the shoe needs to be able to OPEN up so that the foot can be easily placed on the footbed. One closure is good, for really swollen feet, two closures is better.
  • The shoe closure needs to be ADJUSTABLE to accommodate any change in the volume of the foot over the course of the day, as generally, feet swell more as the day progresses.
  • The shoe should be LIGHTWEIGHT. A heavy shoe is less likely to be worn which may lead to spells of wearing nothing.  An unprotected foot is more likely to be traumatized.
  • The upper material should be SOFT and not restrictive. Ideally the material might offer some compression to help reduce swelling in the foot, or a stretch component.

Pedors Four Way Stretch Badge

Why Are Pedors Good Shoes For Swollen Feet for Women?

Pedors shoes, (with the exception of our leather shoes), feature:

  • Four-way soft stretch uppers
  • Easy-adjustable closures
  • Removable insoles (for orthotic use) and are available in many widths.

Each product page has more features and benefits listed and be sure to read the reviews!

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Removable Insoles Works Great With Orthotics

Removable Insoles / Inserts

Our shoes feature removable insoles so that you can install your own custom orthotics or our very popular 3P Insoles or Genext Orthotics.

Conclusion On Shoes For Swollen Feet For Women

Well that about wraps it up for this page on shoes for swollen feet for women. You will hopefully now be in a better position to understand how to go about getting the right shoes for your foot swollen feet.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email us at or call 1-800-750-6729 if in the USA or +1 770 218 8282 if outside the USA.