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Welcome to the Shoes For Swollen Feet / Edema / Lymphedema Section on Pedors.com.  You can sort / filter the products by widths to see what is available for your width. If you don't know your width, you can quickly check by using our sizing guide here.

Pedors® Shoes feature Pedoprene™ uppers that stretch to accommodate the shape and volume of your foot along with touch closures for easy adjustment of the shoes as your feet swell throughout the day.

If you have any questions please use our chat function or call 800 750 6729.  We are able and eager to help you solve your footwear problems.

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"I suffer with swollen feet due to edema. The only shoes I found I could wear prior to Pedors were a pair of rubber sandals. I am thrilled to have found Pedors. They are comfortable and my feet don't hurt during the day. I now have shoes I can wear during the winter and to work. I no longer feel embarrassed by my edema." Catherine B


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13 of 13 Items