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Single Shoes & Mis-Mate Pairs

Single Shoes & Mis-Mate Pairs (a pair of shoes for differently sized feet) Of Pedors Shoes (and only Pedors shoes) are available again on

Here Is How It Works
  • Order the pair(s) of shoes in the size you need and send back the shoe(s) you don't need to the address below via US Mail (you will pay for the mailing of the shoe(s) back to us).
  • We will credit back to your card the difference between what you paid and what the single(s) shoe price is below.
Please note: if your original order is placed with a discount code, your refund amount will be reduced accordingly to align with the single shoe prices shown below:
    Usual Single  Mixed 
    Pair Price Shoe Price Pair Price
500 Mary Jane Black $136.40 $88.66 $177.32
501 Mary Jane Beige $136.40 $88.66 $177.32
600 Classic Black $130.90 $85.09 $170.17
601 Classic Beige $130.90 $85.09 $170.17
605 Classic Brown $130.90 $85.09 $170.17
600-H Classic High Top $147.40 $95.81 $191.62
MX600 Classic MAX $141.90 $92.24 $184.47
SL600 Classic Slide $130.90 $85.09 $170.17
700 Beige Clog $108.90 $70.79 $141.57
701 Black Clog $108.90 $70.79 $141.57
702 Brown Clog $108.90 $70.79 $141.57
800 Stretch Walker Black $152.90 $99.39 $198.77
John bought a pair of Black Classics (with a discount) for $125.00 and sent back one shoe:
(What John Paid $125.00) - (The single shoes price $85.09) = $39.91 refunded!
Jane bought two pairs of Classics $261.80, kept two shoes and sent two singles back:
(What Jane Paid $261.80) - (The Mixed Pair Price $170.17) = $91.63 refunded!
Please send your shoes back to:
Return Address
Pedors Single & Mis-Mate Shoes
3595 Canton Rd Suite 312-316
Marietta GA 30066
800 750 6729
Please remember to put a note in with the return with your name, phone number and order number (if you have it).  Please feel free to ship the shoe(s) back in the shoe box or in the shipping carton of the original order.