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Cleared For Takeoff - Amazon Launch of Pedors Products

Cleared For Takeoff - Amazon Launch of Pedors Products

A few moments ago we pressed the big button that makes Pedors available on Only it wasn't really a big button but rather a frustrating process of uploading and re-uploading spreadsheets, reading pages upon pages of instructions and being generally confused.

However, they are up now and that is good.  Or is it?  Time will tell.  The Amazon juggernaut is so enticing in that it promises a land of milk and honey but that particular landscape is also potholed with fees and competition.

What we want to achieve in our partnership with Amazon is to get the Pedors brand in front of a wider audience.  That audience can learn about the unique features of Pedors and also feel the benefits of wearing our products of course!

For this launch we are running a promotion so if you are reading this before October 5th 2015, follow this link and get $30 Off each pair of Pedors you purchase on on

For those of you who are not Amazon shoppers, the code LOVEPEDORS will work on this site and give you the same $30 discount when you enter the code at checkout.

Fingers crossed for a good launch!

John O'Hare