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FAQ Video #2: Pedors Pedoprene Heat Moldable Stretch Fabric

FAQ Video #2: Pedors Pedoprene Heat Moldable Stretch Fabric

Gigi is on a roll cranking out the Pedors FAQ videos and here is the second installment entitled, FAQ 2: What is Pedoprene and is it really heat moldable?

You can view her video message directly on this blog.  The video is also available on the Stretch Shoes dedicated page.

Video transcript is shown below this video.

Hi my name is Gigi O’Hare and welcome to our video channel where we are going to be answering our customers frequently asked questions or know as, FAQs.

So why Pedors? What’s the story? What makes Pedors so special from other orthopedic shoes?
Well it is all about the stretch material that we use which is a blend of neoprene (a synthetic rubber) and EVA (an elastic polymer material) similar to rubber. We call that blend of material Pedoprene™ which is what we are going to be talking about today.

So why is this stretch feature so important or such a big deal?
For so many people it is super hard to find a shoe that will comfortably fit a bunion or a hammertoe. So, Pedoprene™ is really great because it will stretch and soon enough it will fit to your foot like a glove.

So some people it is really important how the Pedoprene stretches so well because their feet progressively swell over the day. Having this handy dandy touch closure strap allows the shoe to open up and stretch more so that you can slip your foot in more easily.

Another great thing about Pedors / Pedoprene is that it is heat moldable
So getting a mold like a golf ball or so and sticking it into the shoe where you need it most like in a hammertoe or bunion spot. To relieve pressure just stick it in there and get a hairdryer and on high (hairdryer will work fine) and just heat it for about two minutes. After two minutes remove the heat but keep the mold in there for an additional four minutes until it cools down…then take the mold out and see how it fits.

If for any reason you got it in the wrong spot or messed up just put the heat back on the shoe and it will go back to its original “factory setting” and just start over. How cool is that!

{An important thing to remember is to not get the heat gun/hairdryer too close to the shoe as it may singe the nylon backing – stay about 4 – 6 inches away to be safe.

Heat molding to customize your Pedors is actually pretty easy to do…and to be honest it is kind of fun!

I’m Gigi and I’m here to answer your FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions]