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Diabetic Insole Design:

Triple Layer Medical Grade Inserts For Diabetics Give Incredible Comfortable For All People. The top layer molds to your feet over time to reduce pressure points and hot spots.  The middle layer adds "bounce" and the bottom layer provides structure & stability.

Sizing Advice For Diabetic Inserts:

• Order your usual shoe size

Special Tip: If ordering for shoes in a half-size AND a 6E Width, go up one size. E.g. If ordering a size 7.5 6E width, then order the size 8 3P Inserts, for 8.5 size + 6E width order the size 9 inserts and so on.


★ Designed For: Diabetic Shoe Inserts, Super-Comfortable For Everyone.

Pedors 3P Diabetic Insoles

Our hugely popular Pedors 3P Diabetic Insoles (sold in packs of three pairs) have been designed to ensure total contact with the “plantar” or bottom surface of the foot. The top layer of these insoles will mold to the shape of your foot ensuring total plantar surface contact which is the key for comfort as it ensures even weight distribution and reduces pressure points that can cause pain or discomfort.  These inserts are not only the best insoles for diabetic neuropathy, but also wonderful for those seeking general foot comfort.

Features of the Pedors 3P Diabetic Insoles

  • 3/16" (4.763 mm) durable 45A durometer polyurethane base layer for support
  • 1/16" (1.588 mm) 15A durometer cellular urethane Poron™ middle layer
  • 2/16" (3.175 mm) soft 25A durometer heat moldable polyethylene top layer that molds to the plantar surface of the foot
  • Heat Moldability

What is the difference between Diabetic Inserts and Diabetic Insoles?

There is no difference. The two terms, "insoles" and "inserts" are used interchangebly.

Do only Diabetics wear these?

Absolutely not! Everyone can wear these and infact, everyone at Pedors wears them everyday.  They are super-comfortable.  They way we explain it is "Suitable for diabetics, comfortable for everyone".

Do I have to heat-mold these diabetic insoles?

No. The inserts will mold to the shape of your feet over a short period of time and will be comfortable the instant you start wearing them. They just get more comfortable as time goes on as they mold to the shape of your feet.

However, some people may wish to speed up the molding process and for them, there are heating instructions in with the inserts, but this step is not necessary for almost all wearers of Pedors 3P Inserts.

How do I determine which size to buy?

Typically you should order your regular shoe size, or if you are also buying shoes from, the same size as the shoes you are buying.  The 3P insert is sized to the Pedors “last” or shape of our shoes, however they can also be worn with shoes that are deep enough to accommodate them.  Typically tennis shoes, walking shoes, and other orthopedic shoes will be fine.

If you are wanting to use some inserts in your Pedors Mary Janes, we recommend using the thinner Pedors 2P Inserts.

Which Pedors shoe styles work best with the 3P Inserts?

The Pedors Classics
The Pedors Classic MAX
The Pedors Stretch Walkers
The Pedors High-Tops

Trimming Instructions

Sometimes it may be necessary to trim the inserts to fit perfectly into non-Pedors shoes.  To do that remove the insole or liner(s) that come with the shoe and using them as a template, trace around the bottom outside layer of the 3P insert. These trace lines will serve as your trim lines. Use a pair of heavy scissors to trim as necessary. In almost all cases however, the inserts will not need to be trimmed.

Can I use my 3P Diabetic Inserts with my Pedors shoes?

Absolutely.  If you are wanting to use some inserts in your Pedors Mary Janes however, we recommend using the thinner Pedors 2P Inserts.

Can I use my 3P Diabetic Inserts with other brands?

Yes. Provided the shoe is deep enough and has a removable insole. The Pedors 3P inserts are often put in to walking shoes, sneakers and our competitors shoes to make them more comfortable.

How heavy are they?

The Pedors 3P inserts are super-light. We use very sophisticated foams to achieve support, bounce and mold without being heavy.

Materials Used In The Pedors 3P Diabetic Shoe Inserts

The 3P insert has a 6mm durable 45A durometer polyurethane base layer for support with a 4mm cushioned 15A durometer cellular urethane Poron™ middle layer and a 4mm soft 25A durometer heat moldable polyethylene top layer that molds to the plantar surface of the foot.

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