Genext Leather Shoes

The new Genext line is an extension of the Pedors brand for people that need orthopedically designed comfort shoes for everyday situations. Genext footwear use premium full grain and tumbled leather for durability, comfort, feel and fit. Genext are available in an athletic shoe style black and white, lace and touch closure and in a more formal comfort style in black only in lace or touch closure.  They are also now available in a hiker.

Genext Performance Footwear run true to size as per the American Sizing last schedule. If  you normally wear a size 10 in an athletic or comfort style shoe then order a size 10 in Genext. If you are sizing from having been wearing an orthopedic shoe like a Pedors Classic then you should consider ordering at least a half size larger.  Because of the extra depth and room in an orthopedic shoe they fit bigger than standard shoes.

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