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Pedors LTC / Nursing Home / Assisted Living Program

Hello and welcome to the Pedors Long Term Care / Assisted Living / Nursing Home program.  One of our missions at is to offer support to people in Long Term Care and associated facilities with affordable functional footwear.  As such we offer a special program to such facilities and their residents.

We offer a generous site-wide 20% discount 365 days a year for residents of LTC / Nursing Home Facilities. Payment can be made by check or by credit card

In addition to the discount:
All orders enjoy FREE shipping
All orders enjoy FREE return shipping
All orders enjoy FREE exchange shipping

To get the code for your facility call 1-800-750-6729 or use the Live Chat box at the bottom of your screen (when available)

Or fill In this form for the code and to have catalogs mailed to you.  Don't forget to add your address!



Feedback from LTC accounts:
As a clinician, I like working with Pedors because the shoe provides appropriate pressure relief for residents with compromised skin. I believe our residents like wearing Pedors because they are comfortable and lightweight.

Bill B, PT

For me, it is the ease of ordering, whereby I can place an order for a client and Pedors can bill the client at a later date.
Thank you.

There are several factors that go into why we like Pedors and will continue to buy and use them.
1.    Our residents like the comfort and feel
2.    They are washable
3.    Price is affordable, shipping is free and returns are easy
4.    Easy to purchase
5.    Staff is knowledgeable and friendly to work with
6.    They work great with orthotics and/or deformities, swelling, etc.

Pedors provides a reasonable price and a material that works well for some of our more complicated foot structures and gait pattern at this long term care facility. They are very forgiving and minimize excessive pressure on the high risk areas of the feet. Hope this helps.

We like working with Pedors because they carry sizes that are unavailable in other brands, allow payment by check, and offer free shipping.

Our residents like wearing Pedors because the stretchable fabric accommodates their often severe bunions, is lightweight, and machine washable.

I just purchase, it makes it easy someone tells me the size and you take a PO and the item is shipped I do not have to do a lot of leg work, the people that answer the phones are great to work with, they know it all.

We like working with Pedors  first and foremost, because of price (exceptional value),  2) ease of ordering (online or by phone with friendly staff), 3) easy returns and turn around with re-orders.

Our residents like wearing Pedors because they are comfortable, lightweight and sole is wide based for safer walking.


I initially was introduced to Pedors when I was working at an Assisted Living Facility years ago. The client was diabetic and the podiatrist recommended them. They worked out very well, washable, sturdy, easy to get on and off, etc. Price point and selection are good.  Everyone orders on-line and I have had not problems with delivery, etc.  I no longer work in assisted living, however, I am in a position working with elderly, dementia residents, etc., and this is the product I recommend and purchase.
DM, Case Manager


We at DoS like to order from Pedors for a couple or reasons
1.      The discount
2.      Free shipping and return
3.      Lightweight/comfort/durability and machine washable
4.      The simple styles- makes it much easy for resident to independently put them on and take them off
5.      And the quick turnaround from ordering to receiving them.



We like working with Pedors because...because we can pay by check, free shipping and a return shipping label is included with each order


Our residents like wearing Pedors because...the footwear accommodates many foot problems, they’re lightweight, they clean easily, and come in a variety of colors

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