Lymphedema is a chronic medical condition that can develop when there is damage or disruption in the lymphatic system. Fluid drains into the soft tissues, which causes swelling.  This can happen anywhere in the body, but most commonly in the arms and legs.


Lymphedema can range from mild, with minor swelling and discomfort to extensive swelling and skin changes.


Treatment includes treating the swelling with exercise, compression stockings and pumps.  Shoes should also be wide enough and comfortable to accommodate any swelling. 

Things to Remember When Buying Footwear

Choosing the right shoes for your foot condition will help you be more comfortable when you are walking. Here are some things to consider when purchasing a pair of shoes.

1. Use a tracing device when measuring your shoe size

2. Choose a wider, rather than longer size

3. Shoes should be made with an adjustable material

4. Consider the weight of the shoes.

5. Your feet should feel comfortable with the shoes on


6. Choose comfort and functionality over aesthetics

7. Choose a compact design to prevent tripping or slipping

8. Shoes must fit properly even with an orthopedic insert

9. Shoes should be durable for lasting wear

10. After sales support availability

How To Find Shoes For Lymphedema 

When Measuring For Shoes, Length and Girth Matter. Width is the Key

Our goal at Pedors is to provide our customers with the best footwear and orthopedic solutions to provide relief from painful feet, swelling, and other foot-related  conditions that may be limiting their life.


When you are measuring your feet for shoes, always remember that accurate measurement of the width of your feet is key. For more information about accurately measuring your feet, click on the link below:



Swollen Feet Edema

Pedors offers a wide selection of orthopedic shoes for both men and women that are ideal for those suffering with lymphedema, swollen feet, and other foot related issues. For more information about our shoes that are specifically designed to stretch, while providing support,  click on this link: Pedors Shoes

The Shoe Surfing Handmaid : A Tale of Woe. Finding the right shoe for your loved one.

When buying orthopedic shoes for yourself or a loved one, choosing the right size can be a challenge. Always remember that when sizing for swollen feet it is best to go wider and not longer. For more tips on buying a pair of orthopedic shoes for lymphedema, click on the link below.

Welcome to the men's shoes section

Pedors specializes in providing shoes designed for those suffering with swollen feet, sore feet, lymphedema, corns, bunions, hammertoes, overlapping toes, diabetes, arthritis and more.  We also provide orthotics and inserts for arch support, plantar fasciitis, heel pain, metatarsalgia, ball of foot pain, alignment and stability.

Fantastically Functional Footwear For Orthopedic Devices

For over 20 years, Pedors has been known as the place to go for footwear solutions for those suffering with foot-related problems and conditions, including swelling, bunions, corns, hammertoes, arthritis, and diabetic foot pain, and more. 

Our proprietary upper material that we use in our shoes, Pedoprene™, allows the shoe to stretch and mold to accommodate swollen feet, while providing compression, support, and comfort. 

If you want to learn more about our comfortable and stretchy orthopedic footwear, click here:  Pedor Shoes

Lymphedema Footwear
Pedors shoes are a great option for those with swollen feet, sore feet, lymphedema, or any other foot condition that causes pain and limits mobility.  We  incorporate Pedoprene™, an incredible material that stretches as your feet swell. Our shoes are also available in many styles and colors, and in width ranging from B (medium) to 6E (XXX-wide).

What are good shoes for swollen feet? Edema? Lymphedema?

One of the common questions that we are often asked is…what is the best type of shoe for swollen feet? Typically, feet tend to swell more as the day progresses so it is essential that the shoes have adjustability.  Laces can be adjusted, however most people don’t want the hassle of tying and re-trying shoes several times a day. By far the easiest option is to purchase shoes with adjustable touch closure straps, typically referred to as Velcro straps.

To learn more about what to look for when buying shoes for lymphedema, click here:  Shoes for Lymphedema

Edema Swollen Feet

Pedors has several shoe options and colors available, with shoe widths ranging from B (medium) to 6E (XXX-wide), that are specifically made for those with swollen feet or lymphedema.

Lymphedema Footwear

Pedors shoes are perfect for those suffering with swollen feet, sore feet, and lymphedema because they are made with Pedoprene™,  a material that stretches as your feet swell. 

All of Pedors shoes are available in width sizes up to 6E, XXX-wide.

Lymphedema Shoes

The seamless stretchable material in Pedors Classics and Pedors Classic Max are perfect for managing your swollen feet.

The Pedors 3P Inserts are designed to even out pressure on the plantar surface of the foot which helps to reduce hot spots and pressure points.