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Pedors Diabetic Footwear & Where To Go To Be Fitted

Here at Pedors shoes we are committed to helping people to receive the best possible footcare for their diabetes concerns and for that reason we set up to help people find the footcare providers they need.

For many though, finding a qualified footwear specialist near to them can be a challenge and for this reason, we also offer FREE Shipping & FREE Return Shipping & Free Exchange Shipping on all of our products on this website.  We call this service We Ship Until It Fits℠.

Diabetic Shoes & Swollen Feet

If you are diabetic and also experience feet that swell, finding suitable diabetic footwear can be a real challenge. Pedors offers a range of shoes designed with your foot issues in mind.

1. Soft Seamless uppers which minimize rubbing and abrasions, which in-turn reduces the risk of infections and ulcerations.

2. Stretch uppers that allow comfort for forefoot abnormalities.

3. Wide and deep toe boxes allow the toes to wiggle freely.

4. Space under the toe box, known as “toe spring” to aid in the reduction of tripping.

5. Lightweight materials produce shoes that can aid in improving gait and reducing fatigue.

6. Delayed heel strike ensures a cushioned entry into the stride pattern and reduces the risk of stumbling.

Pedors Diabetic Shoes Features

7. Extra depth design with removable insoles provide space for custom or off-the shelf orthotics or inserts.

8. Adjustable closures allow for readjustment throughout the day as foot swelling occurs.

9. Touch closures rather than laces provide for ease of donning.

10. Stable and wide midfoot for improved balance and reduced risk of falling.

11. Full and half sizes and six widths available ensure a proper fit.

12. Machine washability ensures optimal shoe hygiene.

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Medicare Shoes For Diabetics (TSD) Program

Pedors® shoes provides a FREE resorce to finding foot care professionals in your area, it is a website called  Many of these foot wear professionals will fit shoes and bill Medicare under Medicare's Shoes For Diabetics Program.

Step 1. Use the store locator on to find a foot care professional near you.

Step 2. Contact the foot care professional to find out if they can help to fill your prescription for Diabetic footwear.

How Do I Get A Prescription?
Please visit this page for more information