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Pedors® Ambassador Club Earned Rewards (PACER)

Learn How To Earn & Spend Your Pedors® PACER Points™

PACER Program Director John O'Hare | Email


What is the Pedors Ambassador Club Earned Rewards (PACER) program?
The Pedors Ambassador Club Earned Rewards (PACER) program is our way of rewarding our customers for:

a) buying items on
b) telling others about

It is our way of saying thank you for helping us to grow and for being a repeat customer. We say thank you with Pedors PACER Points.  Each point is worth 10 cents and are redeemed as discounts codes.  You enter these discount codes when checking out to reduce your order total cost!

If you have placed an order on, you are automatically enrolled into the PACER Program.  You may also sign up prior to placing your first order if you so wish.

[Please note, PACER Points Codes can not be combined with other discount codes on the same order.  For example, if we are having a sale and you have a sale discount code, you can't use that code along with the PACER Points Code on the same order.  PACER Points Codes are best saved for when we are not having a sale but you need to buy something and want to save on your order.]

How do I earn Pedors PACER Points?
You can earn PACER Points in the following ways.

Refer A Friend - You send your friend a special discount code.  If they buy something from us using that code, you earn 1,500 PACER points worth $15.

Purchases - For every $1 you spend with us, you earn 10 PACER Points.  For example, if you spend $100 on a pair of shoes, you will earn 1,000 PACER Points worth $10!

Sign-Up - Just for creating an account on we award you 1,000 PACER Points.  These points are worth $10.

 How do I sign up?
Simply click the blue PACER button at the bottom of this (or any) page and enter the login details for your Pedors account.  The PACER system will start tracking your purchases and referrals. If you don't have an account on simply create one and the PACER system will take care of everything automatically.

How do I spend PACER Points?
Once your account is set up (see above) click the blue PACER button at the bottom of any screen and your points balance will be displayed.  There are different levels of discount codes available from as little as $5 (500 PACER Points) to as high as $500 (50,000 PACER Points).You simply choose how many points to redeem.  You are then given a unique code to enter during checkout.

How do I send someone a link to via the PACER system?  I want to get started right away as I know lots of people I want to recommend Pedors to.
Click the PACER tab at the bottom of your screen. If you are not already logged in, log in now.  Click on "Earn Points" and then the "Refer Now" button.The link code you see there is YOUR unique PACER referral code.  You can copy that link and send it to your friends.  You can send it in an email, share on FaceBook, Twitter, wherever.  If someone clicks that link and buys from you get 1,500 PACER Points.  To easily copy your link, click the icon of stacked pages to the right of it.

To Sign Up Click On The Pedors Ambassador Club Earned Rewards (PACER) Tab At The Bottom Of Your Screen

MORE FAQ What if I refer more than one person and they all buy?
PACER points are unlimited. You can earn tens of thousands of points if you continue to refer people to and they buy from us. Many Pedors Ambassadors will be living in areas or facilities with a high concentration of people who would benefit from Pedors. These Ambassadors could conceivably rack up tens of thousands of PACER Points.  There are no limits.

What if I don’t need more shoes/socks/inserts/orthotics, what else can I do with the PACER points?
In time we will be adding exclusive offers and redeemable prizes to match the value of your PACER Points once you hit a high enough tier. Your PACER Points will never expire and you can always spend them on, getting large discounts or getting the entire purchase with PACER Points. However, for those people who are very successful at amassing PACER Points we will deliver amazing rewards that will equal or exceed the value of your PACER Points. Tiers for these types of rewards will start at 50,000 PACER Points.