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Hello From The Newest Member Of The Pedors Family!

Hello From The Newest Member Of The Pedors Family!

Hi Folks,

My name is Helén (it's an Irish name pronounced Helaine) O'Hare. I am married to John O'Hare, Pedors CEO, and we live in the South of France with our (almost) four year old son, Benjamin. We love to get outside and so we do a lot of walking, some running and too much eating! We are very lucky in the fact that we live in a beautiful part of the world with lots of interesting areas to explore.

With the New Year of 2018 upon us, I am excited to start sharing our journey with you all. I will start posting blogs regularly on the website. What will I be posting about? Lots of different topics including, health, well being, walking, recipes, Pedors products, travel etc. If you have any topics you would like for me to research and write about or any events you would like for me to mention, favorite recipes, interesting walks etc. please feel free to email me at

I will also be giving our presence on social media some much needed TLC.  Look for us on:

Facebook: pedorsshoes
Twitter: @pedorsshoes
Pinterest: pedorsshoes
Instagram: yet to be set up

Keep an eye out for my first blog next week along with my first few tweets and Facebook posts, which will include a healthy bean vegetable dish which is great for winter warmth without the extra calories or guilt!

Thanks for reading!

All my Best,