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I have two differently sized feet, what footwear?

I have two differently sized feet, what footwear?

Most people have 2 different size feet! Most of the time its around a 1/2 size difference, if this is the case for you, simply order the shoe size to fit the bigger foot.

However, some individuals have a full size difference in their feet naturally or from surgery or trauma. If this is the case, you should always buy shoes to fit the longer foot so you will not cause pressures. The smaller foot will just have a little extra room in the shoe and perhaps can be accommodated by wearing an extra sock on that foot (or a thicker sock).

If your feet are more than a full size difference you may want to consider buying two pairs of shoes, to fit each foot size. What to do with the extra shoes?  You can donate or discard the shoe that doesn't fit from each pair. This is a more expensive option, however its much less than having custom shoes made! Also remember that all shoes brands of one size are not the same. Some brands might fit differently than other brands, so Its always important to try the shoes on indoors before wearing them outside just in case you have to return them for a different size.

Does Pedors Shoes Offer A Split-Size service?

Yes!  Instructions can be found here.

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