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Surprise Pedors Sightings - Peeking At Footwear

Surprise Pedors Sightings - Peeking At Footwear

I am always looking at what shoes people are wearing. It comes with the territory I suppose but if you walk past me I'm more than likely going to peek and what is on your feet.  

Sometimes I spot someone wearing Pedors and the excitement is so much for me that I run up to that person and introduce myself.  Once the panic has subsided from a tall man with crazy hair fast approaching them, most people welcome the interaction and are happy to provide me with their feedback.

As Pedors approaches one million pairs sold, sightings though still very rare are becoming more common.  However, I wasn't expecting this sighting from so far away and yet so close to home.

I'll explain.  We recently launched Pedors Shoes Australia and Carlene who runs the show over there sent us a link to a video that was posted on The Bridge of Hope Foundation's website.  The video, posted below, features residents of a Nursing Home being helped by the power of music.  It really is a fantastic video which was made doubly interesting for me as I spotted two people wearing Pedors!  Not only that, it is from our local TV Station, Atlanta WXIA. Enjoy.