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The Shore Shoe® - Get Some Stability On The Sand!

The Shore Shoe® - Get Some Stability On The Sand!

Posted by Rob Burgner on Nov 08, 2022

Retired Engineer Jim Silvester Creates a Stability Sandal to Help Others

In 1943, Jim’s grandparents purchased a house at the beach, and it has remained in the family ever since. Throughout his lifetime, he spent most of his vacations at the shore.

Jim Silvester Inventor Of The Shore Shoe

Jim planned on spending his golden years making memories with his children and grandchildren on the beach, but over a lifetime of working and playing hard, he had developed physical problems that contributed to a slow but steady decline in mobility and balance.

One beautiful autumn day Jim gathered his fishing gear, walked to the top of the dunes, looked out over the beach, and stopped short. “With a heavy heart, I turned around and went back to the house. I just didn’t think I could make it safely down the dune and across the deep, unstable sand to the water’s edge,” said Jim.

At that point, Jim set out on a quest to regain his freedom. He put on his engineering hat, went into his garage, and began designing a product that would help him navigate through soft sand and other uneven surfaces. The Shore Shoe® began to take shape.

The prototype –a highly adjustable, three-strap sandal with a specially designed wide sole for added balance and stability, was a huge hit with his friends. The Shore Shoe® works the same way on sand as a snowshoe does on snow. They distribute your weight over a wider surface area providing lateral stability and balance by preventing you from sinking into the sand. Jim’s friends and family encouraged him to take The Shore Shoe® to market saying, “it could help so many people return to their active lifestyles!”

Jim was awarded a Design Patent, a Non-provisional Utility Patent and multiple Trademark protections from The United States Office of Patents and Trademarks. The Shore Shoe® has gained a loyal following of online customers, where they are sold at the official website Jim and his team are working towards widening the market globally for this special niche of stability footwear.

Many people have found that these comfortable, secure fitting sandals with their wide base platform, help them maintain balance and stability in

The Shore Shoe

 their everyday activities. Not just on sand, but walking in malls, stores, working in gardens, hiking on trails, or simply just moving around the house. As the popularity of The Shore Shoe® has grown, it has also become known as The Stability Sandal™ to the many customers who have come to enjoy its benefits.

Jim plans to license his patents to sandal, shoe and boot manufacturers for orthopedic use, work, fishing, snow, and military applications. “Our design is not just for beach-lovers, but for anyone who wants to improve their stability and balance on sand, snow, mud, rocky, uneven terrain and slippery slopes.”

In times of reflection, Jim can recall how his aging father became heartbroken over his inability to play with his grandchildren in the sand… “It is my hope that The Shore Shoe® will give many people the opportunity to once again feel secure, stable and free to walk anywhere, but especially along the water’s edge.”