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Therapeutic Shoes for Diabetics - TSD Benefit

As manufacturers of diabetic footwear, we often get people asking us how they can get their diabetic shoes covered by the Medicare benefit for shoes for people with diabetes.

Medicare’s Therapeutic Shoes for Diabetics has been a great success since the bill was enacted in 1993. Other countries around the world have adopted similar public health polices to help reduce the risk of amputation as a result of diabetic complications.

There are many features to look for when choosing diabetic shoes but the underlying design of diabetic footwear is to accommodate the foot in a shoe environment that minimizes the likelihood of trauma to the foot. For diabetics with peripheral neuropathy where detecting an injury to the foot may go unnoticed and lead to an ulceration which in turn can lead to amputation if left untreated.

So, for diabetics it’s really important to check your feet, or have someone else inspect your feet on a daily basis.

For a more comprehensive review of the process to get covered under the bill please visit our website