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Pedors Stretch Walker Black 800 Diabetic Orthopedic Shoes for Walking

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    The Pedors Stretch Walker Black

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    The Stretch Walker Double Touch Closure in Black is an extra depth athletic walking shoe that can accommodate bracing and ankle foot orthoses (AFO’s) as well as big, swollen feet or feet suffering from edema.

    Further, the shoe has been coded for coverage under Medicare's Therapeutic Shoes for Diabetics. 

    The double touch version of the shoe offers a quick and easy way to place the foot inside the shoe. Often this design is chosen when the shoe is fitted with an orthotic such as the Beats Orthotic or the Pedors 3P Insert or a bracing device. This type of closure is also preferred by people with arthritis and people with difficulty reaching their feet to get there shoes on and off. 

    This shoe was designed with a wide mid foot to create enhanced medial and lateral stability. As people age muscle strength in the leg supporting the knee and ankle can diminish. This can lead to difficulties in maintaining balance and “postural sway” which can in turn lead to a fall. The right “balanced” footwear often fitted in conjunction with a balance foot device, can help reduce the risk of fall and is considered a key component of fall prevention.  Seek professional guidance from your local Podiatrist to assess the risk of fall and the need for a footwear fall prevention strategy.

    Three layers of insoles offer extra depth providing a solution for leg length discrepancy where one leg is longer than the other which can help bring the hip and the lower back into alignment.


    Pedors Black Classic Max and Orthotics
    When orthopedic shoes are fitted with additional arch support in the form of a functional foot orthotic like Genext Orthotics or an accommodative orthotic such as the Pedors 3P insert a number of foot problems like flat feet, plantar fasciitis and heel pain can be addressed.


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    Pedors.com offers Free Shipping and Free Return shipping to all USA addresses, so why not give it a go and see if the Pedors Classic Max Black are right for you?  Pretty soon you may be writing one of the awesome reviews featured below.


    Call 800 750 6729 Monday through Friday, 8:30 am - 5:00 pm EST.
    "Customer service on the phone was great! The shoes came just as she stated. I will use you again." Maria S.

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    1. What a relief it is  star rating

      Posted by Martin on 8th Mar 2014

      After trying several shoe types, this one is my favorite. It's comfortable, dressy but a bit clumsy-looking -- but who cares. It's great for the feet.

      Are they available in brown?

    2. Only option for my gnarly feet!  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 7th Feb 2014

      This is a great pair of shoes. Comfy and the only shoe I have found on the planet that works for my unique feet needs.

    3. Not wide enough but a nice pair of sneakers  star rating

      Posted by Marylee Bentivegna on 8th Aug 2013

      Unfortunately I had to return these sneakers, they were not wide enough. Question? I had a coupon I used to purchased these, Is the cupon still valid being I had to return them? I would like to purchase a different, wider pair of shoes.
      Thank you.
      M. Bentivegna

    4. So comfortable, I may buy some, too.  star rating

      Posted by Ramona Preston on 19th Jun 2013

      The shoes were purchase for my 91 year old mother and she really likes them. I have some of the same foot problems and may buy a pair for myself.

    5. Desirable Shoe for Diabetics  star rating

      Posted by Elvin H. Graves on 29th May 2013

      Having just received my third pair of the Stretch Double Walker I must recommend them for diabetics need a double depth shoe. They provide a comfortable walking shoe and prove to be an easy wear. I hope that you will always offer this shoe.

    6. Comfy Shoes in Great Color  star rating

      Posted by Edie G. on 13th May 2013

      I'm wearing my second pair, having enjoyed the first pair so much.
      They are comfy in a great color for summer wear. My orthotics fit like a dream and walking 45 minutes is a breeze! Love the washability!

    7. Great Shoes  star rating

      Posted by Kris P. on 28th Mar 2013

      I have severe foot issues including hammertoe, and these shoes are wonderful. The top expands to make room for my toe issue and there is plenty of room in the toe box area. The only issue has been with the velcro used, it frays quite quickly. I have had a cobbler add quality velcroand that helps.

    8. Great shoes for feet with medical iaaues!  star rating

      Posted by Kris on 27th Nov 2012

      I have a number of foot issues, hammer toe, poor circulation, bunions, and these are the only shoes I have found that accomidates all these issues. And they are very comfortable.

    9. THE BEST  star rating

      Posted by PAM KINGSLEY on 1st Nov 2012


    10. Good Shoes  star rating

      Posted by Fred Herold on 11th Sep 2012

      This is my second pair of these identical shoes. The first pair worked so well that I wanted to replace them with an identical pair. The second pair fit just like the first ones and I an happy to have them.

    11. Awesome shoes for Dad!  star rating

      Posted by Melanie from Jackson, MI on 9th May 2012

      Shoe Size: Felt true to size
      Shoe Width: Felt true to width
      I bought these for my father who has problems with swelling feet, arthritis, and walking, he had shoes that he would try to stuff his feet in and had them as loose as possible and backs broke down and would fall a lot, the first day he walked in the hallway for about 10 min and said they feel good, great shoes for him, I couldn't be happier!!!
      Wears this shoe: Everywhere

    12. Great shoe for Lymphadema  star rating

      Posted by John from West Jordan, Utah on 9th May 2012

      Shoe Size: Felt true to size
      Shoe Width: Felt true to width
      I have lymphadema in my foot and leg. I could only wear a post surgery shoe. I love these shoes. I now look "normal". The shoe is very comfortable.
      Wears this shoe: All the time

    13. Very comfortable  star rating

      Posted by Ginny from My friend lives in Nevada on 9th May 2012

      Shoe Size: Felt true to size
      Shoe Width: Felt true to width
      I purchased these shoes for a friend who is a diabetic type I. She told me that the soles of her feet do not hurt in these shoes and she can wear them all day in comfort. She would recommend them to any one who is a diabetic.
      Wears this shoe: My friend wears them daily.

    14. Awsome shoe June 15, 2010  star rating

      Posted by Holly from Michigan on 9th May 2012

      Shoe Size: Felt true to size
      Shoe Width: Felt true to width
      What a life saver this shoe was for me!!! I was down to wearing slippers to work because I couldn't get shoes on my feet due to swelling. Not to mention all the new pairs of shoes I have laying around that fit at the time of trying them on, only to have them not work out after getting them home. It's so nice to FINALLY have some comfortable shoes for these swollen, tired feet. I have neuropathy, which doesn't help either. I am definitely ordering again.
      Wears this shoe: ALL the time - this is my only shoe.

    15. Shoes for edema August 10, 2010  star rating

      Posted by Deb from Michigan on 9th May 2012

      Shoe Size: Felt true to size
      Shoe Width: Felt true to width
      The shoes are truly awesome, they are very comfortable and also wipe clean very easily. I would definitely recommend them to anyone that has an edema issue.

    16. Great Shoe!! May 24, 2011  star rating

      Posted by Andrew from Pennsylvania on 9th May 2012

      Shoe Size: Felt true to size
      Shoe Width: Felt true to width
      My Dad suffers from swollen feet/legs. These shoes are great! When he's swollen he adjusts them to fit by taking out the extra insoles. The width he adjusts with the velcro straps. These shoes are a godsend. I recommend them to everyone with the same problem. Worth every penny I paid for them.
      Wears this shoe: All the time.

    17. Great to have a shoe that fits my BIG FAT feet. lol January 09, 2012  star rating

      Posted by Tom from Central IL, Bloomington on 9th May 2012

      Shoe Size: Felt true to size
      Shoe Width: Felt wider than marked
      I like the fact that I could find a nice looking shoe that fits. I have big feet anyway, but with all the medicine I have to take since my Heart Transplant, they cause my feet and ankles to swell up when my feet are hanging down.
      Wears this shoe: When I dress up enough that New Balance sneakers wont do.

    18. love these shoes April 11, 2012  star rating

      Posted by Sunnys Lady from Texas on 9th May 2012

      Shoe Size: Felt true to size
      Shoe Width: Felt true to width
      Bought this shoe for my brother who has extra wide food due to bunions on both feet. These shoes are his favorites because they don't hurt his feet.
      Wears this shoe: every day

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