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What are good shoes for Nursing Home Residents?

What are good shoes for Nursing Home Residents?

What are good shoes for Nursing Home Residents?

A simple enough question with surprisingly, a simple enough answer.

Residents of Nursing Homes have some fairly common requirements when it comes to footwear. Shoes need to be stable, be easy to get on and off, be able to accept custom orthotics (if required) and as an added bonus, be machine washable. If the upper is stretchable so that forefoot problems can be accommodated, even better.

Full disclosure here; we manufacture one of the most popular Nursing Home shoes in the USA and have done for twenty years. The Pedors Classic has long been a mainstay of the Nursing Home market not only because it ticks all the boxes mentioned above, but also because it is relatively inexpensive.

People are often concerned (and rightly) that Grandma’s slippers are just not good enough for her to be wearing exclusively. Older people need a stable platform when standing and walking and only a proper outsole and midsole can provide that. We make ours with durable but very light materials. Weight is best avoided with older and perhaps tired legs, so we avoid using heavy material whenever possible.

The upper material used in the Pedors Classic range is called Pedoprene™. It is a proprietary blend of EVA and neoprene. What that means is that this super material will stretch to accommodate any forefoot problems such as bunions, corns, hammertoes while still retaining stability in the front part of the foot. You wouldn’t want the shoe to be overly stretchy and be sloppy on the foot.

Custom orthotics can also be fitted easily to the Pedors Classics should the resident have them.