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  • Genext® Beats With Features
  • Hind View of a Beats orthotic - This one has a "met" pad.  That's the bump just ahead of the arch.
  • Beats Orthotic Video at the bottom of the page.
  • Side View of Beats orthotic.  Beats come with or without the met pad bump pictured here.  The bump is good for those with a sore forefoot.
  • Instep view of the Beats orthotic.  This one is "posted" at the heel. A posted heel is to help people who suffer from Plantar Fasciitis or from fallen arches.
  • Side View of Beats orthotic.  Beats come with or without the met pad bump pictured here.  The bump is good for those with a sore forefoot.
  • Ariel view of the Beats orthotic.
  • Normal Arch = Beats Heel Option Neutral.   Flat Arch = Beats Heel Option Posted.
  • Metatarsalgia presents pain in the ball of the foot = Beats Forefoot Option Metatarsal Pad

Genext Beats Orthotics (BOS) Plantar Fasciitis



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    Genext Beats Orthotics (go to reviews)

    Each pair of Beats orthotics features specially layered tri-density bamboo charcoal foams to maximize both shock absorption and cushioning. Bamboo charcoal manages to control moisture, odor and bacteria present in the foot.  Beats are shaped to contour to your feet to optimize comfort with a polyester top cover designed to reduce friction and wick away moisture. The combination of cork and rubber in the arch molds to your feet to ensure both maximum comfort and support. Beats are designed to provide both stability and support in the heel considered important in ankle stability to promote balance and help reduce the risk of a fall.  Beats orthotics are very effective in reducing the pain associated with Plantar Fasciitis.


    "Excellent.  They Work." Becky R (Thanks Becky! Scroll to the bottom of the page for some more fantastic reviews)


    Say Goodbye to Plantar Fasciitis
    The Beats Orthotic System is firm in the mid-foot promoting better stability, especially for those activities requiring more lateral movements.  The mid-foot firmness is evenly distributed into the medial arch providing a more aggressive support from rear foot to forefoot.  Most over the counter inserts or orthotics are too aggressive in the rear foot, leaving the front of the medial arch exposed and unsupported.

    "These have made such a difference in both my boyfriend's and my life. We have tried many different brands of insoles but these were far and away the best. I love the fact that he can walk across the room now without wincing with every step!" - Monica B

    For people with metatarsalgia, the metatarsal pad is placed perfectly in conjunction with the medial arch support which eliminates the "marble" or "rock" feeling under the forefoot like most non prescription over the counter orthotics that have the metatarsal pad placed too far forward.  Beats orthotics can provide immediate relief for their forefoot conditions like metatarsalgia and neuromas as well as rear foot issues like Plantar Faciitis.

    "These are great! I'm on my feet all day at work and enjoying hiking, so I use them all the time. My feet seem to get the proper support and I haven't had plantar fasciitis problems for a long time. Just ordered another pair today! Diana H."

    "I had real bad feet that would hurt at night and have sciatica in my leg.  These inserts helped me a lot. I have three different pairs in different shoes. I got a pair for one of my sons for his feet and they really helped him also. He is going to hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and wants to get a pair for his wife also. I sent another pair to my other son who could hardly walk and he swears by them, he went to Boston and walked all over and said that he would never have made it without them, he also wants another pair for another pair of his shoes. The inserts are well worth the money and highly recommend them.
    Chuck Mihelich

    Thanks Chuck!  Great to hear that they work so well for you and your family.

    About the Options

    Beats are available with four different options; neutral, neutral with metatarsal pad, posted heel, and posted heel with a metatarsal pad.

    Option 1) Neutral heel without a metatarsal pad.

    Option 2) Neutral heel with a metatarsal pad

    Option 3) Posted heel without a metarsal pad

    Option 4) Possted heel with a metatarsal pad. 

    Ideally you should be fitted for Beats by a trained professional Pedorthist or Orthotis.To find one near you please "Chat with us Now" or call 800 750 6729. If we do not have a stockist near where you live we can offer a free consultation on which Beats would work best for you.

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    Pedors.com offers Free Shipping and Free Return shipping to all USA addresses, so why not give it a go and see if the these orthotics are right for you?  Pretty soon you may be writing one of the awesome reviews featured below.

    Call 800 750 6729 Monday through Friday, 8:30 am - 5:00 pm EST.
    "Customer service on the phone was great! " Maria S.

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    • Pedors Beats Orthotic

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