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What Are Foot Orthotics? An answer from

What Are Foot Orthotics?  An answer from

Foot Orthotics are an appliance that fit in you shoes to provide comfort, stability or correction to your feet. They can be purchased in many places such as a pharmacy, grocery stores, sporting good store, or online.

If you cant find what you need, then seeing a professional for custom orthotics is also an option.

Often when we hear patients state that “every shoe I buy is not comfortable” they likely need orthotics to find that comfort. Foot orthotics usually need to be fit in shoes that have a removable insoles, especially full length orthotics. This is required to have room for your foot and the orthotic to fit correctly. There are some 1/2 or 3/4 length orthotics that will fit shoes without a removable insole, just be sure the shoe, foot and orthotic combination are comfortable.

1. A soft orthotic style is generally for someone with diabetes, arthritis, sensitive or bony feet. The soft orthotic provides more comfort to the foot than the factory insoles. These are most commonly a full length style insert like the Pedors 3P Insoles.

2. A semi rigid orthotic provides a combination of comfort and control. This is usually for someone with mild pronation or supination, diabetes, arthritis, metatarsalgia or plantar fasciitis. This orthotic will have firm components to help align or correct the foot position in addition of soft materials for comfort. These are usually a full length style also like the Genext Active Orthotics.

3. A rigid orthotic is designed to control or assist the foot to be in a corrected position. If you pronate or supinate, your alignment is off. The rigid orthotic can help get the foot in a better position to function correctly and hopefully reduce discomfort. This type of orthotic is never for diabetes or arthritis.They can be uncomfortable at first until the foot adjusts to the corrections. They are usually a 1/2 or 3/4 length style orthotic and are custom made to correct your unique problem.

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