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Features Common To Pedors Shoes For Swollen Feet Styles

Features and Benefits of Pedors Shoes For Swollen Feet


1. Pedoprene™ stretch uppers with soft toe box

Great for comfort, feet that swell during the day, diabetes, bunions, hammertoes, arthritis and more.

2. Touch closures

Fantastic for ajusting the fit throughout the day and also make it easy to place your feet in the shoes.

3. Super light-weight materials

EVA soles and wide-opening canvas rear-foot makes for a super-light-weight pair of shoes.

4. Removable insoles

The EVA insole can be removed to make room for Pedors 3P Inserts, Genext Orthotics or your own custom orthotics.

Pedors Stretch Your Comfort Zone

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About Pedors®

Pedors was founded in 1997 by brothers Stephen and John O'Hare.  Based out of Marietta, Georgia near Atlanta, the two ex-pat Englishmen set out to change the way people viewed and used orthopedic shoes. The concept was simple; rather than use heavy leather like everyone else, the O’Hares decided to use a heat-moldable stretch material for the uppers (which they later named Pedoprene) along with light-weight materials for the rest of the shoes.

Other important features that set them apart? The shoes were machine washable and had removable insoles so that people could put their own custom, or off-the-shelf orthotics in the shoes when needed.

Interestingly Pedors® wasn't always the “Shoes For Swollen Feet Company”

When the company first launched with the Pedors Classic, the main push was towards solving the issues people had with painful arthritic feet. The soft stretchy uppers of the shoes worked perfectly for people with sore toe joints, bunions and corns.

It wasn’t long into their journey however when the brothers discovered that the Classics were also ideal shoes for diabetics. Those same soft and stretchy uppers helped to reduce rubbing and abrasions, which in-turn resulted in less blistering and therefore less ulceration of the diabetic foot. That’s when the little shoe company took off!

The Turn To Swollen Feet – 4E and 6E Widths

As the years went by, more and more customers requested that Pedors make wider and wider shoes to accommodate not only their bunions, hammer toes and other forefoot problems, but also their swollen feet. So the brothers made the decision to offer their Classic lines of shoes in super-wide 4E and 6E widths. It was a gamble that paid off! That’s when the little shoe company went stratospheric and started to pick up industry awards like the one shown here.

Today Pedors offers shoes for swollen feet in general, Edema and Lymphedema. The shoes are worn by people with diabetes, arthritis and all manner of forefoot issues too.

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Hi there, I’m John O’Hare co-founder and webmaster of Pedors Shoes. You will run into me throughout the website and by email should have questions or order shoes. If you do have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

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