We have a selection of men's Pedors shoes that will help you with your swollen feet, especially if you have edema or lymphedema.  The widths on offer go from Medium through to XXX-Wide, or if you prefer the lettering system, from a B through to a 6E width.

Lymphedema Pro Tip!if you have severe swelling in your feet (from Lymphedema for example) you are most likely going to need the Pedors Classic MAX (click image below).
Pedors Classic MAX


Secret Sauce - Pedoprene™
All Pedors Shoes use a special upper material called Pedoprene™.  This four-way-stretch material allows for expansion of the shoe as the foot swells throughout the day. It is also heat-moldable if needed.

Sizing - for help with sizing (and to save 10%) view this guide

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17 of 17 Items