Post-Op Recovery

Pedors for post op, rehab and recovery footwear

The Pedors mission is to provide problem solving footwear for challenging feet and we call our products "Fantastically Functional Footwear". 

But what does that mean and how does it apply to shoes, inserts and orthotics? 

Orthopedic Shoes - Design Features

Pedors are manufactured with proprietary blend of neoprene and EVA which we call Pedoprene™ which enables the shoe to offer extra depth in the toe box area of the shoe to ensure plenty of room for toes so that they are not pinched or compromised in any way. Most importantly we are able to achieve the extra depth and room without using an internal structure which limits the ability for the material to stretch and accommodate. By heat molding Pedoprene™ additional modifications can be made to provide a customizable solution for the most challenging foot. This design feature is unique to the Pedors Classic and Classic Max and has been called by professional footwear practitioners “fantastically functional”.

Therapeutic Healing Shoes

The Classic and the Max are often fitted after surgery as a “post-op” and “recovery” shoe because of the adaptability of the forefoot and the ability of the Pedoprene™ stretch to provide some degree of compression which helps reduce swelling. Where the foot maybe heavily bandaged, the double touch closure design on the Max opens the shoe up to make it easy to get the shoe on the foot without “bunching”  the bandaging.

Similarly, both the Classic and the Max are also often fitted in a wound care situation where perhaps the need is to protect a wound or perhaps an ulceration by off loading pressure for a period of time to allow healing.

For post op and wound care it’s important that a healthcare provider is consulted when fitting footwear to ensure that footwear is fitted correctly.

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